Contessa Irvin Arrested

Indianapolis — Patrons visiting a local McDonald’s were shocked to find three children in a vehicle in the parking lot, unattended.   The temperature was more than 80 degrees and the three children; age 10 months, 3, and 5 were crying and screaming.   One of the children spotted, had crawled out of the car, out the window, and onto the roof of the vehicle.   Concerned patrons entered the McDonald’s location and asked everyone in the location if the children belonged to them.   No one responded.   Police were called to the scene.

Upon arriving twenty minutes later, Trooper Troy Sunier addressed the three children in the vehicle.   At the same time, Contessa M. Irvin, 25, walked up to the trooper and claimed that the children belonged to her.   The entire time the children were screaming and upset, Irvin was dining inside the McDonald’s location. Despite repeated requests, she had never bothered responding to questioning patrons concerned for her children’s welfare.   Irvin was immediately arrested and charged for child neglect.   She was also held for outstanding warrants issued for illegally driving without a license and for her failure to appear at court.   The children were given over to a relative.

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