Dannette Gillespie Bad Mother

Texas — Dannette Gillespie, 38, was jailed after her part in a robbery and murder.   Gillespie advised two teens to rob an individual so that the trio could get some money. She further supplied the teens, who also happened to be her daughters, age 15, and Vanessa Anne Ocampo, 19, with knives to commit the crime with.   She then waited in the back seat of a vehicle, as the two teens robbed and stabbed a 75 year old man.

Eugene Palma, the owner of Genes Better Time, lost his life.   The two teens waited for Palma to walk out of Genes bar and proceeded to follow him to his abode.   Gillespie supplied the girls with knives, the 19 year-old left the vehicle and ran up on Palma while he was in his garage and commenced to repeatedly stabbing the unsuspecting man again and again.   After Palma died the two girls rifled through his clothing and his Cadillac convertible to steal his money: all of fifteen dollars.

After the crime, Gillespie, already on probation, disposed of the weapons.   All three of the females were easily tracked down by police since one of them had left a palm print on Palma’s vehicle.   All three females are facing capital murder charges.   Gillespie was also charged with possession of a controlled substance.

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