Carol Erwin Beats Children

Murray, KY — While Carol Elizabeth Erwin, 29, was babysitting her boyfriend’s 3 year-old boy, she brutally abused him.   This past week, someone called the hotline for child abuse, and the boy was taken to a hospital for an evaluation.   The evaluation revealed that the 3 year-old had several broken bones, numerous injuries both old and new, damage to his pelvis, scratches, marks and bruises as well as burns and strangulation marks.

In all, four children resided with Erwin and the remaining children advised social workers that Erwin had choked the boy with a wrapped T-Shirt or sometimes with her own bare hands.   The children further reported that Erwin, in a rage, would on occasion throw the child up against a wall.   Social Services responded to a call in to the abuse hotline and found the 3 year-old in critical state.   All of the children were taken into custody after the report was made, while Erwin was ordered to take the child to the local emergency room in Louisville for an evaluation.

Sherriff deputies spoke with the doctor’s that evaluated the child; countless bruises were on the boy’s body and face, and scratch marks, and burns were also identified.   X-rays revealed several fractures in different stages of healing.   Doctor’s surmised that the majority of the injuries had occurred within the last 30 days.   Erwin admitted hurting the child and that she possessed no self control.   She has been charged with child abuse, and detained in Calloway County Jail.

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