Melissa Sekulski killed her own little boy

Staten Island, NY — On December 26, Melissa Sekulski killed her son, 10-year old Jaquan Porter after slamming the boy’s head into a wall and causing his instant death.   The same day of her birthday, Sekulski was arrested for the death of the boy: an overweight child that was homeschooled.   According to reports, Jaquan weighed nearly 250 pounds and Sekulski always kept the boy inside the home.

When the boy died, Sekulski ran out to a neighboring apartment, one belonging to J.R. Moore, and screamed that something was wrong with her child.   Moore made attempts to revive the boy who was no longer breathing upon her arrival.   Moore immediately called 911, and an ambulance was sent to the scene of the incident.   Porter was later pronounced DOA after arriving at Richmond University Medical Center.

Police later conducted an interview with Sekulski and found the woman to be unremorseful about hitting her son; Sekulski freely admitted that she regularly beat the boy over a period of three years, sometimes with a belt and sometimes leaving lasting bruises and marks.   She also admitted to heating up spoons and burning the boy with the hot metal repeatedly.   The woman was actually due in court for a charge of violence against the boy on December 31.   Sekulski has been arraigned on manslaughter charges and is being retained: no bail has been set.

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