Donald Bohn is a bad Santa

Donald Bohn of Naples, FL was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, as well as failing to register as a convicted felon earlier this month. Deputies had responded to a local Wal-Mart when a woman complained that Bohn had lewd remarks to her and asked about her virginity. While at the scene, at least two other women stated that Bohn had made sexual remarks to them including discussing his own equipment and bragging of his sexual prowess.

When the officers arrived at the store, they found Bohn at the service desk talking with another woman. He was wearing a Santa shirt and hat and claimed to have been just being friendly with people. One of the managers spoke to the deputies and said that he had frequently seen Bohn playing the skill crane game in their arcade section and that when he won a prize, he would find a child to give the toy to.

When arrested, the police found a pair of ladies lace panties in his pocket. Bohn claimed that he had purchased them for his wife but was returning them to the store as they were the wrong size. A background check showed that Bohn had been previously convicted of and served time for sexual crimes against children under the age of 11 years old.

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