Joseph Conrad Rice Refuses to go Peacfully

63-year old Joseph Conrad Rice was arrested following an incident on December 15 when he tried to gain entrance to the Minikahda Country Club in Minneapolis, MN. According to the security guard, Mr. Rice had been a member previously but had been suspended for erratic behavior that included threatening to kill a staff member.

On the night in question, the guard says the obviously inebriated Rice arrived by cab and demanded to be allowed in. The guard refused him entrance due to his membership status and Rice became obnoxious and said that he would have the guard fired. When the threat didn’t work, Rice seemed to give up and left.

Rice returned to the country club in his own car at 2 a.m. When the guard recognized him, he went upstairs to avoid a confrontation with the drunken man. Rice began banging on the door and firing at least four gunshots before finally giving up again and leaving the premises.

The police arrested him leaving his apartment carrying two loaded handguns and cases, three magazine clips and gun cleaning equipment. It remains unknown if he had intended on going back to the country club at the time. Police said Mr. Rice had been arrested just two days before this incident when he refused to pay for a cab ride home from the strip club.

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