Juli Faunce Likes Them Young

Claymont, DE— Juli Faunce, 38, was recently arrested and charged with four counts of third degree rape.   Faunce had sexual relations with a 14-year-old male on two different occasions last November when the male stayed at her home overnight.   On both occasions, Juli Faunce engaged in sexual acts with a minor.   Much to her dismay, Juli Faunce later found out that the same 14-year-old male that she was actively having sexual relations with was also having sexual relations with Faunce’s 14-year-old daughter.   In a fit of jealousy, Faunce attempted to get revenge by calling the police.   Faunce then accused the boy of raping her minor daughter by force.

A full investigation revealed the complexity of this crime; when the 14-year-old boy’s mother was interviewed, the mother revealed that she had just become aware that her teenage boy was having sex with the 38-year-old Faunce, and new nothing about any relationship with Faunce’s 14-year-old daughter.   Faunce’s arrest soon followed, bond was established at $40,000, and she was released the same day of her arrest with the provision that she stay away from all teen boys, including the victim.   Neither teen in this case has been charged.

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