Jose Diaz Molested Little Boys

Rochester, NY — Jose M. Diaz, 40, has been arrested for molesting several boys and since his arrest, several victims have also indicated that they have been molested by Diaz.   Diaz was originally arrested after allegations surfaced revealing that he had sexual contact with a minor boy in 2005: the boy was just thirteen.   The young boy’s mother placed a report with the police and Diaz’s arrest followed.   Diaz received eight counts of second degree criminal sexual act when arraigned and had a bond set at $100,000.   Shortly after his arraignment, three more young victims willingly came forward, all within a five day time span, with complaints about the now former volunteer fire fighter.

Diaz, was suspended from his position at the fire department after his arraignment on the charges.   Since his arrest Diaz has confessed to molesting at least five young boys.   At this time the State Police are still in the process of investigating allegations and victims, but the department asserts that the number of victims can be as high as ten.   The case has already been remanded for the grand jury.   At this time, Diaz is confined at the Monroe County Jail.

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