Marcelino de Jesus Martinez sold his Daughter

36 year old, Marcelino de Jesus Martinez, evidently sold his 14-year-old daughter to an 18-year-old man named, Margarito de Jesus Galindo.   The price for his 14-year-old little girl included $16,000 in cash, 50 cases of soda, 50 cases of Gatorade, and 150 cases of Corona beer.   Clearly Marcelino de Jesus Martinez was planning on hell of a Super Bowl party.  

Unfortunately, Margarito de Jesus Galindo did not pay up.   Yes, it seems Martinez put Galindo on a credit plan.   It’s not clear if he missed a cash, or beer payment, but either way Martinez was forced to do what any father who sells his teen daughter into slavery would do; he called the cops to get his merchandise back.

Normally contract disputes do not fall within the police duties, but in this case the authorities made an exception and arrested both Martinez and Galindo.   No word on the girl, but I’m guessing she will be moved to one of those government foreclosure auctions like I see on TV.  

Times are rough, and we can’t always afford the payments on our teen sex slaves.   So until the new administration comes up with a bail out to cover slavery, we should just agree to not sell our children.   At least until the economy picks up a bit.  


  1. Margarito needs to fight Paul Williams again if he wants to be considered great. Now, as much as me and Babyface are starving for that match, Margarito doesn't have to fight PW right away. I can understand , if not condone, making as much money as you can in the sport. Even though Williams would give Margarito the biggest pay day of his career, if Margo beats Mosley and Cotto, and Williams beats Winks, that is the perfect marination for a salivating rematch between the two! I find it kind of sad that Williams won the first fight and now he needs a rematch to get recognition. It will all come down to the two guys fighting each other. Most likely at 154.

    Now to Pacquiao vs Margarito I think Pac has got a shot of beating Margarito. They both have amazing stamina, but Manny has tons of speed. If Margo can land to the body early or mid fight Manny is in trouble. If Manny can mix it up and get in and out Margos loosing a decision. What about Pacquiao vs Paul Williams?? haha

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