Anthony LaMantia continues stalking his victims

Liberty, NY — Anthony LaMantia, 56, a New York State registered sex offender, was convicted of raping two young females in 2005. Convicted of second-degree rape for the crimes he committed in 1998 and 2001, LaMantia was sentenced to ten years of probation. LaMantia got off way too lightly considering that his involvement in the 2005 case involved at least four children, two which were far too young to articulate the events that occurred.

Recently LaMantia was caught ogling and stalking one of his previous victims in a local store. In addition, an unidentified male reported Lamantia to the police when Lamantia continued to linger around an apartment complex and requested to babysit the man’s children. Shortly after the incident in the local store where LaMantia was caught stalking his previous victim, two of LaMantia’s other victims were officially interviewed again. This time they were capable of expressing what happened with clarity and the statements made matched evidence in the 2005 case.

On December 18th, LaMantia appeared for his probation appointment, where he was immediately charged for the sexual abuse of the two prior victims and he was arrested. Both of the victims were less than 12-years-old at the time of the crime. LaMantia now has two counts of child sexual abuse as well as two counts of sodomy to deal with; he is being detained at Sullivan County Jail. No bond has been set.

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