Barbara Heckman murdered at Luke’s One Stop

Just five days before Christmas, two young men attempted to rob a local convenient store and ended up leaving a woman dead in the back room. When police responded to the stores’s alarm, they found 42-year old Barbara Heckman‘s body. She had been struck in the head by a blunt object. Located a few miles out of Valparaison, IN, Barbara was the only employee on duty at Luke’s One Stop that night.

A suspicious vehicle was found in the neighborhood by investigating officers and that vehicle led to the arrest of two local men, 18-year old Bruce Guess and 19-year old Steven Jordan. The two men are facing charges of robbery and murder and are being held in the Porter County Jail. At the time of this writing, no reason has been given to explain their horrific actions that night.

Friends described Barbara as a kind, easy-going woman who was ever a caring friend. She was a loving mother of two daughters as well as the long-time mate to her boyfriend. Friends and family alike are appalled by the senseless way that Barbara was taken from them and long for answers from the two suspects.

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