Luxury Movie Theater

I will be the first to admit that my movie experiences these days do not always consist of a pleasant experience. It seems like I either get a theater with a crying child, uncomfortable seats, a teenager that loves talking and texting or someone behind me will not stop kicking my seat. Finding a decent theater to go to has been a problem lately. I would pay even more for my already over-priced movie ticket if I could be guaranteed a noise free, distraction free theater. But what about a luxury movie theater with waiters that even offers sushi and wine.

Luxury movie theaters are not a new idea. Some theaters are now upgrading their seats to leather recliners while changing their projectors to more advanced systems like digital 3-D with surround sound technologies. But if you want the ultimate movie-going experience head down to Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas in Del Mar Highlands.

Cinepolis, the largest the Latin American theater chain, renovated the former Ultrastar Cinemas to a luxury cinema that now offers Sushi and cocktails while you watch. The theaters are of course, digital equipped with HD and 3-D technology as well as surround sound. The chairs are custom-designed, high-back, leather recliners with more than enough foot space for you to enjoy the movie. Each of the chairs costs approximately $1,000 and there is expected to be nearly 7 feet of space between the front and back of the seat. To order food or a cocktail just press the waiter service button and someone can bring you gourmet finger-foods like chicken fingers and fruit, wine, cheese, artisan sandwiches or your regular popcorn and candy.

Of course you cannot expect this kind of luxury without a price. Tickets prices will be a bit higher at around $12 to $19 per ticket, about double what the price is normally. I would most definitely pay for this experience at my local theater especially for those long, 3-hour Summer blockbusters.


  1. This is so crazy, I was JUST thinking about something like this the other day! I saw a movie at the Tyler AMC in Riverside, when I usually go to the Regal Cinemas at the Corona Crossings. At the Tyler movie theaters, i sat next to a lady that chewed her burnt popcorn really loud, with her kids running around besides her and taking up a little too much space. Hmmm…

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