LeCie Porsche Hard Drive – Sexy, but not the fastest

I was about 11 or 12 when I first became aware of the Porsche.   Growing up in Orange County I had always seen them around, but I never looked at them as anything exceptional.   But it was when the fuss was made about Joel’s Porsche, you know, the one that out drove Guido the Killer Pimp, that I started to understand.   For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, it was the movie Risky Business that first introduced me to the brand of Porsche.

In the years since I have developed a fondness for the brand.   Despite being more a Ferrari fan, I have come to appreciate the design and engineering of the vehicle.   Porsche is an engineer’s dream car. So maybe it even makes sense that the Porsche Design Group ad been working with LaCie to make very sexy hard drives.

Of course this is more of a marketing gimmick.   The drive itself is from LaCie, who themselves get the drives from someone else.   Some people don’t like LaCie, but I personally have never experienced a failure.   Either way, I’m guessing Porsche wouldn’t lend it’s name total junk drive. What you’re getting really is a decent HD with a very sexy Porsche design.

The new LaCie Porsche hard drives will support USB 3.0, which is obviously very fast.   Although I would argue that supporting the much faster Thunderbolt technology would have been a bit more impressive, but maybe when of our Italian friends are working on that.   In the meantime, these drives will come in 500GB to 2TB capacities, with prices starting from $105, and even the 2TB is currently priced at only $150.   Not a bad price for a brand new Porsche.

Personally I’ll be waiting for the new Thunderbolt drives, which should finally make external hard drives comparable with internal.   What do you think; go Porsche, or wait?



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