Case-Mate Titanium iPhone 4 Case

I love my iPhone.   The only thing that comes close to how much I love my iPhone is how much I love my iPad.   But they are like children, you cannot love one more than the other.   So of course I’m always looking for the best, most stylish way, to protect my iPhone.   Since the inception of the iPhone, I go through an average of 2 cases per phone, and in the end spend as much (sometimes more) than the phone itself cost.   Case-Mate has just released a case that may make you do the same.

The Case-Mate Titanium iPhone 4 case is the sleekest case made to date.   Machined from a single piece of titanium, the case is so snug it attaches to the iPhone 4 with screws.   This is a case that will get noticed, and at $300, it should.

I should add that my current case is no slouch.   My iPhone 4 is currently sporting a Element Vapor Pro First Edition (that’s right, First Edition, like it will be someday sought out for it’s rarity).   I first noticed the Element case while flying back from a business trip to Houston.   The guy next to me (in first class of course) was a venture capitalist with all sorts of goodies.   On top of his Breitling watch, he had the Element case.   I felt a little embarrassed of my case, so when I got home I did some research and found the newer Vapor Pro model was released, and cost even more than his.   So suck it VC guy.   My Element Case Vapor Pro came with a nice carbon fiber stick-on for the back, so I now kid myself into thinking that my phone could stop a bullet.   In the end, as you can see, it looks really cool.   It too attaches with screws, which is a bit more of a course than I thought it would be.

The thing I like about the Element Vapor Pro over the Case-Mate Titanium is that it has a bit more edge to it.   It actually curves a bit in the right places and makes the phone fit better in your hand.   The Case-Mate wraps around the phone, like an average case.   Although the thing I like about the Case-Mate is that the buttons are a little more accessible than with the Element case.   The Vapor Pro case has the buttons a bit inside the case, so they are not always easy to click.   And when I think about the new iOS 5 update, and the ability to click a photo with the volume up button, I would like to have better accessibility.

The Vapor Pro set me back $150, so it’s also half the price as the Case-Mate.   Anyone out there have the new Case-Mate?   Let me know your opinion on the best case.


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