Archipod Adds an Office to Your Backyard

The benefits of not having to go to an office everyday are too many to list.   On the rare instance I find myself sitting in traffic during a rush hour, I reflect how lucky I am to not have that as part of my daily existence.   And what office would let you work in your PJ’s?

But I admit that there are drawbacks to working from home.   First, there are too many days when I don’t even step outside.   You have to will yourself to get some sunshine and exercise, or you begin to get unhealthy.

The other problem is the procrastination that comes with never leaving the office.   Obviously one of the benefits to getting your work done at the office is that you can go home and relax.   But when you’re office is your home, things get a bit commingled.   And that’s where something like the Archipod might makes sense.

The Archipod is a type of backyard office, shaped like a pod, but with a nice organic wood surface.   How it’s design reminds me of something Mork would use as transport from Ork, it does have a nice overall aesthetic.

The interior looks like what one might imagine, clean efficient surfaces.   A rounded desk, and a roof dome brings in sunlight, saving on energy during the day.   The pod itself only measures 9’10 in diameter, but looks relatively spacious on the interior.   The pod features a small porthole for fresh air, and has a DeLorean style door to add to the futuristic style.

I could see the benefit of this type of shelter.   It lets you use that extra bedroom as an actual bedroom, as opposed to an office.   And you could better separate your work and personal life.

The Archipod is not inexpensive at around $40k, but compare that to the cost of adding a room to your home.   Plus, if you’re the only person home during the days, you’re powering up (heating or cooling) and entire house for one person.   This could cut down a bit on your energy bills.



  1. Cool looking but in efficient space. Try to hang a picture or bring in a bookcase and you’ll see the downfall of curved walls. You could have a studio built for way less money in about 1 week.

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