John A Patterson caught by the Luzerne Couty Polilce

West Pittston, PA — Police showed up at 48 year-old John A Patterson’s house at what he considered to be the most inopportune time on November 8, 2008. When the police rang the doorbell at his home, Patterson was watching porn in his bedroom. The only problem? This porn involved children.

Patterson’s charges were a result of a four month investigation that started in June with a tip from the image hosting website, Someone at notified the Center of Missing and Exploited Children that approximately 18 sexually explicit photos of minors were uploaded onto the website on two separate dates, in June. A court order signed later that month allowed police to trace the IP address back to Patterson. Once the investigation was started, Luzerne County police wasted no

While police searched his home, Patterson earned himself an astonishing 279 counts of sexual abuse of children the items found around his home. Many of these items were found in the drop ceiling in his bedroom. The items confiscated from Patterson’s home included children’s dirty underwear, over 60 flash drives with pornographic pictures, over 75 camcorder tapes and approximately 80 VHS tapes. Patterson was booked into the county jail and held for lack of a $50,000 bond.

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