Kristina and Joseph Bellumo should stop taking drugs

Manatee County, FL — When Joseph Belluomo’s 8 year-old daughter got up the morning of October 31, 2008, she didn’t seem very surprised that she needed to call her mother for a ride to school because she couldn’t wake up her father or step-mother. The mother came to pick up her daughter and her daughter’s older step-sister to take them to school, she found Kristina naked and unresponsive on the couch in the living room, and Joseph unresponsive in the bedroom. Apparently, the night of October 30, Joseph and Kristina needed to relax a little, so they took a large amount of prescription painkillers mixed with cocaine to help them relax. In fact, they relaxed so much, they passed out.

While the couple was being treated for a drug overdose at the hospital, police searched the apartment and found a samurai sword, approximately 20 loaded firearms with ammunition and more drugs and syringes laying around where the children could get to them. Once Kristina was off the ventilator and the two could leave the hospital, they were booked in Manatee County Jail on charges of child neglect and felony possession of controlled substances. They each posted their $30,000 bond and were out pending their trials.

Filthy Lucre Plant Database:

Lobelia kauaensis (A. Gray) A. Heller

Solidago wrightii A. Gray var. adenophora S.F. Blake

Isodendrion laurifolium A. Gray

Urtica ballotifolia Weddell

Quararibea Aubl.


  1. I am completely shocked over this story about Joseph Belluomo. I dated him in high school and then once again for about a year and a half when we were about 22. He was very abusive verbally and physically but drugs omg I would have never seen that coming. He would beat the living crap out of me if he smelled cigarettes on me. He was using steroids at the time though but I am stunned right now.

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