Jaimie Pope turned in her own father, Gary Molesa

Gary Adam Molesa was lonely. He was so lonely that he took a fifteen year old boy to his house where he molested him and forced him to engage in sexual activity while capturing it all on camera. Because he is such a nice guy, he uploaded all the pictures to his camera to a folder named Molesa’s favorites.

Gary Adam Molesa was considered an upstanding citizen in Burke County, North Carolina. He was involved in many youth organizations. You can imagine the shock of his daughter when she saw the pictures of “Scary Molesta” and the fifteen year old boy on the camera.

Although many family members would simply erase the evidence, Molesa’s daughter, Jaimie Pope did not. She immediately called the police and showed the police officers the photographs she had found. The owner of a dance and gymnastics studio, Pope then contacted all the parents at her business and asked them to talk with their children to make sure they were okay. She believes there are more victims out there.

When asked why he had done it, Gary Adam Molesa’s reply was, “I was lonely. It just happened.” So now is just happens that Gary Adam Molesa is sitting in the Burke County Jail charged with two counts of statutory rape and two counts of indecent liberties with a child while the State Bureau of Investigation plies through the evidence removed from his home. Chances are Gary Adam Molesa may not be lonely much longer as he will be in the company of his cell mates.

Filthy Lucre Plant Database:

Amelanchier arborea (Michx. f.) Fernald

Fragaria vesca L.

Lobelia portoricensis (Vatke) Urb.

Solanum gilo Raddi

Trillium decipiens J.D. Freeman


  1. Get ur facts straight if u r gonna post them. Nothing happened at ms popes studio. She contacted her parents to let them know what was going on not to see if their kids were ok. Mr molesas preference is boys. Ms popes students r girls. I respect her for what she did. Get ur facts straight.

    • I love the fact that all these people that complain about the posts don't just add something constructive. And it's great that the word "your" is impossible for these idiots to spell.

      I do agree that it's good this girl turned her perv of an old man in.

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