Elijah Archuleta burned to death by John Vigil

Denver, CO — When John Vigil picked up his girlfriend Isela Reyes-Talamantes at work on November 7, 2008, he had her 2 year-old son Elijah and 4 year-old daughter Serenity in the back seat. Elijah’s face and hands were red and he was covered in a blanket. Vigil told Isela that he had left Elijah in the tub for a couple of minutes alone and Elijah had turned on the hot water and scalded himself. Isela accepted this story and the two ran a number of errands, including a stop at Walgreens for burn cream before going home.

Once at home, they didn’t treat Elijah with the burn cream. Instead, they waited until 11 pm, almost 10 hours after Vigil picked up Isela from work before they brought Elijah to the hospital. By that time, the child was dead and his body was cold. The timeline they gave the hospital for the accident didn’t match what hospital personnel saw.

Police went to Serenity to find out what happened to her brother when they couldn’t get a straight answer from Vigil and Isela. Serenity told them that Vigil had burned Elijah. She also told them that Elijah lay on the floor choking and Vigil got mad at Isela because Isela was crying about the baby dying. Both Isela and Vigil are being charged with first-degree murder and fatal child abuse. They are being held without bail.

Filthy Lucre Plant Resources:

Trifolium trichocephalum M. Bieb.

Urochloa dictyoneura (Fig. & De Not.) Veldkamp

Besseya plantaginea (James) Rydb.

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Solanum elaeagnifolium Cav.

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