How to survive a haunted house

In honor of Halloween, I decided to visit a few haunted houses. You know the kind where someone jumps out at you from the darkness and screams at you with a not-so-friendly, I-am-really-hungry, look on their face. My least favorite experience involved a man in a hockey mask chasing me and my friends with a bogus chainsaw, it sounds like a real chainsaw and smells like one too. So here are my tips for surviving one of these phony haunted houses. If you plan on attending one you may want to go to the bathroom first so you can avoid any unwanted accidents.
Go with friends or family. Traveling to a haunted house with those you care about will lessen the stress of walking through a haunted house, not to mention you can laugh at your friends and family as they have the same startling reactions as you. If you go with someone who is less squeamish than you let them walk first so they get the brunt of the horrific scares. It is not a good idea to try and force someone to go with you so make sure all your victims are willing and able. Call the haunted house in advance to find out what their recommended ages are. Most haunted houses aren’t suitable for children under 13.

Be prepared to be shocked. I think the anxiousness of walking in to a haunted house alone can be frightening enough. Not to mention if it preys on one of your fears like clowns or claustrophobia. You obviously don’t want to wet your pants while walking through a haunted house so be prepared. Look around every corner before you walk in and look for anything that might move.

Follow the rules. Usually, before entering a haunted house, someone will explain the rules. They usually involve something like, “don’t touch anything/anyone and none of the inhabitants will touch you.” The rules can be hard to follow at times but that is why we have tip number four.

Stay calm. Do remember that you are in a haunted house and chances are pretty good that you will make it out alive. Just try and relax and enjoy the adventure.

Plan to do something afterwards. It can be quite frightening to go home alone after walking through a haunted house, so plan a nice dinner or movie with your friends after the scare-venture. You and your friends can reminisce on the haunted house and discuss your thoughts.

Haunted houses can be a rewarding experience to share with your family ad friends. Some may be too scary while others are not scary enough. The suspense alone of walking through a haunted house can cause some people to panic. Remember these tips when you plan your next Halloween inspired scare-fest at a haunted house.


  1. I have never really liked haunted houses. I’m a bit of a chicken, but I liked your tip to plan to do something fun afterwards with your friends and also making someone braver walk ahead. Just maybe I will be up for going through one or two next Halloween.

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