King of the Hill Cancelled

Let’s forget the presidential race, it’s over.   We have a new red state emergency.   King of the Hill has been cancelled!   That’s right, Hank Hill and his redneck family, after 13 seasons and 238 episodes will no longer be entertaining America.  

It’s yet another sign of the economic downturn when Arlen Texas’ most famous propane (God’s gas) salesman is let go.   Although I do remember clearly that Hank Hill was supporting George W. Bush, even though W. had a weak handshake.  

There is some discrepancy on the Fox announcement.   One minute Fox will tell us the fundamentals of the viewership are strong, only to freak out and cancel a bunch of their animated series, and then bring them back again.   Fax has cancelled Family Guy, Futurama, and even King of the Hill before, only to order up more shows.

The fact is, Fox has a hard time with actually filming television shows.   Besides House and 24, they can never seem to keep high quality shows going.   They like their easy hit reality shows and animated series.   The costs are low, and rating shares are solid.  

So it wouldn’t surprise me to see Mike Judge drawing up more episodes about Hank Hill and his “not right” son, Bobby.   And I hope he does, I love the show.

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