Courtenay Semel Wants You to Google


In a recent altercation, one that is costing Courtney Semel a lawsuit, the daughter of Terry Semel, the former CEO of Yahoo, allegedly assaulted a security guard at a Vegas night club.   to add insult to injury, she insisted that the secruity guard “google” her.

This happened last August at the PURE nightclub in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.   The security guard, Jaroslaw Jarczok claimed Courtenay Semel was getting a little out of hand.   After an agree could not be reached about Semel leaving the club, Jarczok cuffed Courtenay.   It is then than Semel struck Jarczok in the face and and told Jarczok, “Do you even know who I am fucking idiot?   Google me, you dumb fuck.”

It’s clear that not only was Courtenay not taught any manors, but also not taught about where her money comes from.   It’s clear that Courtenay Semel does not Yahoo, and it looks like Jaroslaw Jarczok does not Google hot chicks names, even when they have super-hot girlfriends like Tilla Tequila.  

Hopefully Jaroslaw Jarczok and Courtenay Semel, and even Tilla Tequila can all find some common ground.   For starters, their names are a pain in the ass to spell.   Who named this girl Courtenay Semel instead of Courtney Semel?   Oh yeah, the guy that helped tank Yahoo.  


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