How to get to the Temple Street Night Market from the Cosmopolitan Hotel

I’m writing this for anyone staying at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Hong Kong and is trying to get to the Temple Street Night Market.   The hotel is not very good at providing clear directions.

First, take the hotel shuttle or taxi to Time Square Mall.   You then want to take the elevator or escalator down.   You are looking for the MTR.   When you get to the MTR you need to pay.   If you haven’t done so, now is a good time to get an Octopus Card.   Go to the window with the attendant and ask for one.   It will cost you $150HK.

Then you want to board the train going to Admiralty Station, which is two stops up.   After you get the Admiralty, board the train directly across from the train you exit.   Take that train to Yao Ma Tei.

When you get off in Yao Ma Tei, use exit C.   When you reach the top of the steps, turn left, and go down the first street.   There is usually police standing right in front of the steps, so you can also ask them for help.

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