HondaJet Elite Delivers Superior Performance and Comfort

The HondaJet, which went into service about three years ago, is back and better than ever. Honda Aircraft announced earlier this week that their upgraded version of the company’s signature very light jet, the HondaJet Elite, has been delivered to its first new owner.

The original HondaJet was the highest sold jet in its category last year, as well as in the first two quarters of this year, and now the HondaJet Elite is available and it features plenty of upgrades for increased performance and passenger comfort.

The HondaJet was designed in Japan with “affordability” in mind. The jet was designed to be flown by only one pilot, but the choice to have one or two pilots is totally up to the owner. Though the glass cockpit does appear to be a little cramped, it is said to be fairly comfortable. In the original model of the HondaJet, passengers faced each other with two seats positioned at the front and two seats positioned at the rear of the jet. The HondaJet’s first model has a range of 1,407 miles and sells at a price of $4.5 million.


One major change for the HondaJet Elite compared to the original HondaJet is the increased flight distance. The original jet had a maximum range of 1,407 miles but with the Elite jet, you can reach a maximum range of 1,654 miles, a 17 percent increase.

The new distance increase of the HondaJet Elite makes it one of the farthest flying jets in its class. Although the Elite jet has upped the maximum distance, the jet still flies at a speed around 486 MPH and maintains its lauded fuel efficiency.

The HondaJet’s signature engines, which are situated over the wings of the aircraft, help reduce noise allowing passengers onboard to relax more comfortably and enjoy their flight. There are new options available on the HondaJet Elite which include a galley with a coffee machine, two-toned leather seats, a speakerless sound system from Bongiovi Audio, and a belted lavatory that increases the number of passengers it can accommodate. The first HondaJet could accommodate four passengers but the Elite jet can hold six passengers.

Honda Aircraft is proving how popular their jets are becoming. The company has announced that they have recently sold 10 jets in Japan alone. Normally, when one thinks of owning a private jet, the word expensive comes to mind. A brand-new private jet ranges in price from $3 million to $90 million. One of the least expensive private jets launched are the Cirrus Vision Jets which are priced around $1.96 million. Currently, the most expensive private jet is the Airbus 380, which is the world’s largest private jet and has a hefty $500 million price tag.

The HondaJet boasts a relatively affordable price of only $4.5 million and the HondaJet Elite starts at $5.25 million.

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