Richard Mille and Sylvester Stallone Debut RM 25-01 Survivalist Watch

Richard Mille collaborated with Sylvester Stallone to create a new watch featuring several survival gear tools. The RM 25-01 watch contains a compass, a level, and even a hidden compartment that holds five water purification tablets.

Actor and director, Sylvester Stallone, has been a longtime fan and friend of Richard Mille and his brand so it is no surprise Stallone wanted to add his own stamp to the Richard Mille RM 25-01 watch. Even before collaborating with Mille, Stallone wore the RM 032 watch in the third installment of The Expendables.

The collaboration is definitely exceeding expectations with the new survivalist watch. Who else would have thought to create a watch that can store water purification tablets?

The RM 25-01 comes with a 50.85 mm Titanium and Carbon TPT case. There is also a separate, removable bezel that fits onto the case which attaches the compass onto the watch through a bayonet mount. The compass also comes with the same Carbon TPT cover, titanium mount, and an attached mirror to read the compass more clearly.

I was slightly confused as to why the watch came with a level, but it is actually a genius idea; leave it to Stallone and Mille to think of this feature. The watch includes a level on the side of the case at 4 o’clock so that the compass can be accurately positioned. Nobody wants to head south and end up east because their compass was wrong.

The compass fits onto a Carbon TPT plate which is included in the timepiece when it is not affixed to the watch. The Carbon TPT plate has lines that indicate the direction the wearer is headed.

If a more traditional-style compass is preferred, the watch provides a separate bidirectional Carbon TPT and titanium bezel with a 360-degree graduated disk, direction indicators, and a 24-hour scale. The compass is coated to avoid interference between the magnetism and movement.

Richard Mille spent months perfecting a way to reduce the weight of the RM 25-01 while increasing the precision of the watch. Inside the watch, chronograph movement and tourbillon complications are supported by a base plate and bridges, which were machined out of grade five titanium.

My favorite feature of the watch is the hidden compartment at 2 o’clock which holds five water purification tablets. Why you need this feature? Good question, but for a six-figure watch it could potentially save you if you’re ever stranded somewhere. Each water purification tablet makes a liter of water safe to drink in 30 to 120 minutes.

The RM 25-01 is water resistant up to 328 feet and comes with a camouflage rubber strap. Currently the watch is a limited edition that is limited to just 20 pieces so get your hands on the RM 25-01 survival watch while you can.

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