Gucci Launches 80’s Theme Fanny Pack

Fendi recently released a fanny pack in collaboration with Fila, and now it is Gucci’s turn to bring to light their twist on an ‘80s fanny pack. Alessandro Michele, Creative Director for Gucci, has an eye for merging streetwear with high fashion, this time creating a 1980’s fanny pack which also doubles as a backpack. In their latest latest collection, Gucci reintroduced several items that were popular in the 1980s including fanny packs, hair clips, and several other items.

Alessandro Michele revived the nylon bag which can transform into a multi-use carrier for Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2018 collection. The Belt bag with Gucci ’80s patch fanny pack comes in three different colors- Bright blue, black, and a floral print which all reference popular color schemes from the 80’s.Each printed bag has the brand’s fuzzy terry cloth Gucci logo stamp and a “LOVED” tag on the center of the bag. There is also a hidden zippered pocket and two additional storage pockets on the sides. The strap, which is located on the back of the fanny pack, can be adjusted to transition into a backpack or a crossbody bag.

Gucci has released other fanny packs, as well, including the Gucci GG Marmont matlassé leather belt bag and the Gucci Men’s Retro GG logo fanny pack. While the Belt bag with Gucci ’80s patch was inspired by vintage prints from the eighties, the Men’s retro GG fanny pack was also made with leather and an adjustable belt strap featuring a zip-around top closure. The Men’s Retro GG fanny pack comes in only one color choice, red, and sells for $1,290 on Gucci’s online store. The Belt bag with Gucci ’80s patch is avaliable on Gucci’s online store which is selling at a price of $1,450.

If the 80’s vibe isn’t quite your style, there are also a variety of other belt bags that offered by Gucci. Another belt bag with the same ’80s inspirations is the Gucci Print small belt bag. This belt bag features three color schemes; black leather, pink leather, and white leather. In addition to colors, they also feature two available sizes, the Gucci 75 and Gucci 95. The Gucci Print small belt bag currently sells for a much cheaper price of $790.

The Gucci Print small belt bag was made in Italy and features the Gucci logo on the front of the retro bag. There is a green and red web around the bag and an adjustable nylon Web strap with a plastic buckle closure. The bag can be worn as a belt bag on the hip or waist, or as a cross body bag. The sizing of the bag differs depending on how the bag is worn.

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