Amazon introduced its new Echo Show 5 on Wednesday, which features a  5.5-inch screen and only costs $89.99. The new Echo device is its cheapest offering with a display and is equipped with some of the features that are offered in the $229.99 second-generation Echo Show.

Though Amazon hasn’t disclosed sales numbers for its Echo products, analysis from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners in February said Amazon has 70% of the U.S. smart speaker market, while Google’s Home and Apple’s HomePod have 24% and 6%, respectively. According to the research firm, 66 million units are being used throughout the U.S., while an increasing number of people own more than one smart home speaker.

The Echo show 5 may encourage people to try the company’s Amazon’s Echo products with a screen since it’s much cheaper than the two other Echo products that feature a display. The screen is capable of many things, including making any ordering by voice from Amazon easier. With the display, you can simply tap and select the product you wish to buy rather than ordering entirely with Alexa.

The new Echo device is nearly half the size of the 10.1-inch screen on the Echo Show, but larger than the smaller 2.5-inch round screen on Amazon’s Echo Spot. The screen allows you to look for recipes in the kitchen, speak to Alexa and even get visual responses for questions such as the weather. It also performs tasks similar to a regular Echo, like controlling your smart home, playing music from several platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora or Amazon Music.

The Echo Show 5 is equipped with a camera that can be used to video chat and is capable of being covered with a camera shutter when not being used. You can also stream TV shows from Amazon Prime Video, get news clips from CNBC, see the lyrics to songs, check in on your security cameras and more.

Amazon is now accepting pre-orders for the Echo Show 5 in two colors – charcoal and sandstone. The company is also offering a special  $19.99 magnetic stand accessory that allows you to adjust viewing angles of the Echo Show 5 for better video chat. It will launch in the U.S. on June 26 and ship in 10 countries.

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