Going to the World Series and Other Things I would like to do

I have been traveling quite a bit lately, and have also been thinking about things I would like to do sometime in the near future. I was cruising StubHub and noticed some interesting tickets for sale. For example I would love to go to the Playboy Mansion for a party. Although I think that’s every guy’s dream.

I would also love to hit some of the big sporting events. I’m not a huge sports fan to be honest. But I would love to score some World Series Tickets, especially if the Cubs were playing (this is a fantasy, right?) and Super Bowl Tickets (Especially if the Eagles were playing so I could take Andy and Drew).

And from the entertainment aspect, I would love to go to the Oscars, although I think those may be the hardest tickets to score of all. I am also interested in going to more film festivals. I’m heading to SXSW again next year, which will be great. I’m also going to try to make the film festival here in Ashland, which to be honest has been a little disappointing. And obviously Sundance, Cannes, and Tribecca are all festivals I would love to attend.

Meanwhile, I’m off to Hong Kong and to spend my birthday at the Wynn in Macau, which should be great. I’ll post some pics when I get back. I also need to post about my trip to Vegas, but I only have one day before I leave. Travel, even when it’s for fun, is always a little stressful for me.

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