Executive Medicine in Scottsdale

Concierge medicine and executive medicine are two relatively new health care models. Both provide superb preventative care for an additional annual fee.

The health care reform and current health care system is causing many to seek alternative treatment. Primary care physicians are often on vacation or too busy to see patients. We may wait for an hour to see our doctor only to actually meet with him for ten minutes. Patients fed up with this type of “fast-food” care seek alternatives and two models that often come up are concierge medicine and executive medicine.

Both executive medicine and concierge medicine are very popular in the Scottsdale area and I believe both will increase in popularity over the coming years especially with the uncertainty of the health care reform.

Concierge medicine in Scottsdale is a health care model that has been around for about 10 years. It originally developed in the North West. It has since become a preferred method of care. Patients pay an additional annual fee and in return are offered 24/7 phone and email access to their primary physician. Doctors may even sit in on specialized care meetings or make house calls. Physicians will take on a limited number of patients so they can provide adequate health care for each.

The executive health care model is very similar. Executive medicine is often put together by a company, corporation or by a group of employees or executives. Both models have the same general principles and ideas. The company and health care professionals will put together a customized plan. Doctors make frequent trips to the company or other designated area and do exams and physicals for covered individuals.

Preventative care and good health care are very important to living a long and healthy life. Either of these plans provides excellent care.

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