Executive Medicine in Phoenix

The Phoenix area, like many other major U.S. cities, has a steep unemployment rate. The current unemployment rate in phoenix is hovering around 10%. Unemployed individuals are often laid off because of lack of work in their line of work. This is causing many professionals to make a major career change into a new line of work.

The U.S. Department of Labor recently released a list of the top ten jobs of the future. Careers in health care dominate the list.

Those seeking a stable and secure position have transitioned into health care or are thinking about it. Health care is a steady and growing industry. It will always be necessary and there will always be a strong need for health care providers. Careers in the health care field cannot compare to jobs in any other field such as banking/finance or construction that constantly has ups and downs. Layoffs and lack of work are often causes for change in careers or lines of work.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the five fastest growing jobs are: registered nurses, home health aides, customer service representatives, food preparation and serving workers, and personal and home care aides.

With the current economy slump, some consumers are having a hard time even paying for health care coverage. Some seek a more personalized means for health care like concierge medicine in phoenix or executive healthcare. Both models offer more customized health care plans for preventative care. Both models also increase the attractiveness for med students to go into general practice. Currently, jobs in general practice are not appealing to many med students because of current conditions: doctors often complain of too many patients not enough money.

Health care jobs in the Phoenix area are on the rise as is the salary for jobs in health care.

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