Executive Medicine in Orange County

We want to be healthy. I have never met a person who has said that their health wasn’t important to them and if I ever did meet such a person they would certainly be a fearsome thing to behold.

The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine has calculated and concluded that over $63 billion is lost in work and productivity due to injury or illness.

Employers often encourage employees and executives to seek preventative care. Companies often provide health insurance and sometimes have a wellness program that rewards employees for exercise and physical fitness.

Because of lost productivity and rising insurance costs some companies are teaming up with health care providers to provide a new low cost model for health insurance. This new model, often termed, executive concierge model or executive healthcare, is a customized health program for employers and employees. The primary goal behind executive medicine is to reduce the amount of time lost at work.

More often than not, physicians will travel to company facilities to see employees and will likely be given a physical. Some companies even allow their doctors to maintain and keep an office on company property.

The executive medicine model is a increasing in popularity due to the tough economy. Employers struggling to keep health insurance for all of their employees can turn to executive health care as a means to provide low cost preventative care to employees.

Employees offered an executive medicine plan are often concerned with their privacy and often wonder if the doctor-patient confidentiality still applies. An alternative to executive medicine with the same concierge service is concierge medicine in Orange County. Where patients pay an additional annual fee and in return receive 24/7 access to their primary physician.

Regardless of the means chosen to remain healthy and the type of health insurance plan you have, preventative care is a must. There are many ways to keep one healthy but physicians worldwide agree, diet and physical activity are a must.


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