Hermès hosted an event on August 29 at its Madison Avenue boutique in which the famed French luxury company unveiled Pierre Charpin’s schemes that will be on display in its store windows until November 11. The reserved event was a part of the brand’s Vitrine D’Artiste program, which seeks celebrated artists and designers to create their own installations based on a theme that it issues annually. “Let’s Play” is this year’s chosen phrase and Charpin couldn’t be more suitable for the topic.

Charprin is commonly known for his home furnishings, the Saint–Mandé-born designer has been called out for his minimalist, lighthearted aesthetic. He tends to utilize matte hues and color-blocked patterns on pared-down forms, according to Forbes, to create pieces that have a pure childlike vibe to them.

Before the event at the store began, he explained, “I don’t like arrogant objects,” he continued saying, “As a designer, I think it is important to try to propose something that is not, how you say, a lot. I use simple things to express emotions.”

Simple definitely gets the artist’s image across and is one way to describe the window installation. The print corresponds to a design he created for a silk scarf that hung inside the store, which currently retails for $395.  Both items created feature a contorted S-shaped figure cast in primary colors. The top half of an etched, colorless horse protruding from one end is visible.

“I didn’t find the name,” Charpin admitted. “It was Hermès that did that. The theme of the year is Let’s Play, so we started with a drawing of a ribbon and reinterpreted it with a computer, changing the proportions and colors. The horse arrived after. I thought it would be interesting to put in something that came from the brand and not my world.”

The painting is named La Serpentine, and many believe the plan was to mimic the course a rider takes in dressage since Hermès began as a manufacturer of horse carriages, but this was not the case.

Pierre Charpin’s installation will continue to be displayed at the Hermès boutiques on 691 Madison Avenue until November 11.

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