Chad Elam witnesssed Wendy Harden snap

The only explanation that anyone could figure out when Wendy Harden attacked her two young children on December 16 in West Palm Beach, FL was that she must have snapped. One of her neighbors found her in her home after seeing her 8-year old daughter running down the street. The girls was screaming and had blood all over her. Chad Elam ran into the house to see what was going on and found Wendy Harden standing there screaming. When she saw Elam, Harden cut her own neck with the shard of glass she had in her hand.

Elam got the glass away from the woman and dragged her out to the lawn until the police arrived. Investigators found empty pill bottles for the prescription drugs Oxycodone and Hydrocodone alongside an almost empty bottle of whiskey. They later said that Harden had smashed her own head through a window and then used a piece of the glass to stab her daughter as well as her 8-month old baby boy. The boy was in critical condition but has since improved.

Police contacted the children’s father who said that Harden had been fighting an addiction to pain killers that she began taking originally for a back injury. Harden was hospitalized for a time and then arrested upon release. Charges against her are attempted murder of the infant and aggravated child abuse upon both children.

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Murdannia keisak (Hassk.) Hand.-Maz.

Elaeagnus commutata Bernh. ex Rydb.

Nototrichium sandwicense (A. Gray) Hillebr.

Hordeum parodii Covas

Korthalsella complanata (v. Tiegh.) Engl.


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