Casey Mundling Arrested for Raping a 15 Year Old Girl

Sometime on Thursday May 1st, beneath the videos of sneezing pandas, exploding coke and Mentos, and Batman commercials, a 16 year old girl named Crystal uploaded a desperate plea for help.   In this video a young girl is crying and asking for help because the district attorney in Orange County, Florida has dropped the case against Casey Mundling, whom this girl claims drugged and raped her when she was only 15 years old.

Casey Mundling was charged with a second degree felony under statute 800.04(4)(B)-4008 – Promote sexual activity of victim less than 16 years of age.   But according the young girl on the video, charges were dropped because she was almost 16.   I guess in Orange County if you almost don’t break the law, you don’t get charged.

The young lady links to the Orange County Clerk website with, with the case # (you can find it below) so that people can easily go look up the case.   From what I can see it looks like the crime was committed on 6/1//2007 and the complaint was filed the same day.   So it doesn’t appear that this is a case where the girl waited a long time before going to the police.

There is not much more information to be had looking at the case file.   It looks like they arrested him, let him out on a $5k bond, Casey Mundling was assigned a public defender who entered a plea of not guilty on January 3rd of 2008, and the case was dropped by the DA on April 11, 2008.

Obviously this is getting a lot of attention right now.   This is the first time something like this has really gotten to this level of exposure.   After witnessing the violent attack of Victoria Lindsay on video, we got a look at a new motive for crime, social network popularity.   Now we are seeing a new type of recourse for victims, going public in a the loudest way they can.

Crystal has asked for help.   She has asked that we contact the following people to re-evaluate (get off their lazy asses and do their job) her case.   Lets see if we can get this moving in the right direction.

Governor’s Asst. Mary Pullian – 850-488-4441
State Attorney Nicole Peques – 407-836-2402
State Attorney’s main office – 407-836-2400

Her case number is: 07-CF-0017645-O

Here is a link to the Orange County Clerk’s office
(anyone else find the picture of Lydia Gardner scary?)


  1. “From what I can see it looks like the crime was committed on 6/1//2007 and the complaint was filed the same day. So it doesn’t appear that this is a case where the girl waited a long time before going to the police.”

    WRONG. According to the report on CNN they had sex many times over a period of months, she first had sex with him at a drunken party after she had willingly taken drugs and gotten drunk.

    Then they had sex many times with her consent, he’d tell her a load of crap about how much he loved her and stuff if she objected, and then she’d let him. He was lying to get into her pants, not drugging her or raping her.

    She admitted ALL of this on CNN news, while still claiming it was rape.

    But then she felt guilty and decided to try get him arrested so she wouldn’t have to blame herself anymore for own actions. That’s when the truth was distorted.

  2. @JD – First off, The Smoking Gun post went up after my post. I did check the facts by going to the Orange County Clerk site.

    Furthermore, a child is not legally able to give content for sex. This was a 23 year old man who provided her with alcohol and drugs and had sex with her. The fact that he did this over 20 times makes it worse, not legal. He is guilty of multiple counts of rape.

    I have had to delete most of the comments for this post because of the language used to describe this girl. I’m amazed at how many people think it’s okay that a grown man is providing drugs and alcohol to children and having sex with them. And these same people call the girl a slut.

    Since so many losers think this is okay, I’m genuinely curious as to what age people think this should become a crime? 14, 13, 12?

  3. @DavidM – I’m not really wrong. The police report on the County Clerk website said that was the date of the offense.

    You are the one who is WRONG. Since Crystal is unable to legally give consent for sex with an adult, if Casey Mundling did have sex with her, it was rape. The law in Florida is clear on this.

  4. Agreed – Casey Mundling is a whte trash scumbag. If a man in his twenties wants to have sex with a 15 year old girl, then he takes the risk of going to jail. The problem is that here in Florida almost everyone is white trash.

    David M and JD are idiots. This is rape, regardless of how trashy the girl is.

  5. @Sam Nelsen – Someone claiming to be a friend of Casey Mundling tried to post some very hateful comments here today about this girl. He went on some grammatically incorrect rant about how Crystal is at fault, her parents are at fault and even somehow I, and Jon H are at fault. Everyone except his scummy friend Casey.

    Sam claims that Casey didn’t commit this crime, but from Sam’s rational and misogynistic remarks, he doesn’t come off as the best source of varicosity for Mundling.

    I am amazed at this whole subject. I have gotten into some heated exchanges online before, but I have never seen the amount of animosity towards someone like I’m seeing against this girl. No one is claiming this girl is perfect, but there is a reason why there are laws against grown men having sex with children, even if they “consent”. Jon H is right, a lot of trash in Florida.

  6. hi. umm… well this is zeeshan here. Got very upset on seeing this kind’a case in my whole life for the very first time. well casey is a innocent child and rapes do keep growing in many parts of the countries but it’s fate and it has played a dirty game on casey. well she hopes that someone out there might help her some other day i pray that this should happen i mean some body should and will defenetly help her. as she said tht er father has left every thing for the sake and status of her daughter. god cn help her further as per her we can only pray thats the good we people can do. well my prayers are with casey. “hey life is a game so play it coolly and mind that u get ur turn any time . So be it,bye.

  7. “Promote sexual activity of victim less than 16 years of age. ” That’s what the charge is (and that’s what the scum is guilty of). Isn’t there another code/definition for “rape”?

    It does look like the complaint was filed the same day as the incident. What I’d like to know is what happened between June & November, and why it took so long to charge this guy.

    The comments on the net about this girl are despicable. It’s no wonder so few rape cases see a courtroom – esp in Florida. Apparently it’s ok for grown men to do what they want- when they want – and with whomever they choose.


  8. Casey Mundling is guilty of multiple counts of statutory rape and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

    Oh yea he’s a scumbag too!

    Rape is:
    Forced, unwanted sexual intercourse.

    Statutory rape is:
    A general term used to describe sexual relations that take place when an individual (regardless of age or gender) has sexual relations with an individual not old enough to legally consent to the behavior

    She repeatedly told probers that the sex was consensual, yes I read the whole smoking gun police report!

    If I was on a jury my verdict would be Casey Mundling is guilty of multiple counts of statutory rape and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

  9. The decision not to prosecute is an example of common sense. To say a man is a rapist when a girl is 15 and 11 months but not a rapist when she is 4 weeks older than that, well, that is just the height of lunacy. As the saying goes: “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

  10. @Seamus Smith – I would argue that the rules are in place for a reason. To be clear, Casey Mundling is 23 years old, well past the age of being an adult. If we were talking about a 19 year old ad a 15 year old, we would be looking at a different situation, one where maybe there should be some discretion used by a JUDGE not a prosecutor. Or if we were in a situation where the girl was not the one filing charges, just angry parents.

    But in this situation we have a guy who is well into his 20’s, a girl who is claiming rape, Mundling knew the girls age, and he provided her with drugs and alcohol.

    I agree with Russ 100%, this is stat rape, along with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. This should at least go through due process and see the inside of a court room to let a judge and/or Jury decide the fate of Casey Mundling, not dismissed by a lazy State Attorney like Nicole Peques.

    We may also want to take into account that according to the email on smoking gun from Nicole Peques, Casey Mundling is already up on burglary charges. This guy is a scumbag criminal. Wouldn’t it be better to see him convicted of a felony so when he gets busted the next time he is more likely to do more time, instead of breaking into our homes and raping or children?

  11. I don’t believe that she was raped.
    She’s not even really crying in the video.
    And the only reason her dad is the only person to help her is because he hasn’t known her for fourteen years, therefore he doesn’t realize how much of a trashy little attention whore she is.
    Casey Mundling is guilty of multiple counts of statutory rape and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
    Case closed.

  12. @jenna I’m not sure how you can say you believe that Casey Mundling committed statutory rape, but that she is not a rape victim? You don’t have to be well liked to be considered a victim of a crime. Do you actually know Crystal?

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