Cartier Unveils Unique Jewelry Inspired By Color and Culture

Cartier introduced its Coloratura High Jewelry Collection at Haute Couture Fashion week in Paris. As the name suggests, the 240 exquisite pieces unleash a radiant manifestation of vibrant colors and artistic cultures based on movement and craftsmanship. Coloratura blends the past and present to create dynamic pairings, energetic hues and intersecting inspirations.

As the French jewelry company says about Coloratura: “Enter the place where the sky meets the horizon and colors collide.” Several unique pieces were introduced for the collection including rich shades prevalent in India, animal scheme hues that embrace the life of Africa and the subtle palettes of Japan. Cartier will continue evolving and multiplying with their stunning prism of colors among each High Jewelry Collection. Driven out of universal curiosity, the brand’s master jewelers seek out bold new techniques to further reveal beauty through jewelry.

Each item in the collection is one of a kind, including individual vibrant colored necklaces, as well as complete suites of jewelry inspired by cultures around the world. Cartier is offering unexpected color combinations and is known for pieces that can be worn in more ways than one. Necklaces transform into bracelets and headbands morph into necklaces thanks to the skilled work of Cartier’s master jewelers.

One necklace in the new collection was inspired by lanterns used in Asian ceremonies, featuring a bottle pendant made from a rubellite rough stone. It was hand-carved with the ancient art of glyptic, allowing the stone to be filled with perfume. After producing the necklace, Cartier dedicated an entire workshop to glyptic, supervised by an award-winning master sculptor.

The pendant bottle, inspired by Asian lanterns, weighs more than 200 carats of rubellite while the 18-karat yellow gold necklace features a variety beads, including 27.70 carats of chalcedony, 67.66 carats of chrysoprase, 22.21 carats of orange garnets and more than five carats of diamonds.

The Coloratura suite is inspired by color combinations used in the brand’s jewels during the early 20th century. It features lush tourmalines of black and green, rich green opals and black onyx. The new design has geometric appeal with rectangular and square motifs paired with round shapes.

Another necklace within the suite portrays an alluring look indicative of the brand’s outstanding artistic skills. The necklace was crafted in platinum with 53.05 carats of tourmaline beads among three strands that sway from a single diamond and onyx strand. The three rows then come together and meet at an oval-shaped tourmaline, which create a pattern of beautiful stones and display the entire piece remarkably.

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