An original Stormtrooper E-11 blaster rifle that was used in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, is for sale. The Star Wars blasted was recently rediscovered by prop maker Bapty, who had constructed the blasters for the movie and The Empire Strikes Back.

Once A New Hope ended production, quite a number of blasters that were used in the movie were returned back to Bapty, in which this particular one was originally returned and then went missing for some time. It was disassembled at the time they had discovered the blaster, and it had been stripped of many of the original parts, though those were later found too.

Since then, the blaster has been cautiously restored and looks identical to how it was in A New Hope when the Stormtroopers were using them. Some of the restored pieces include a resin M38 scope, a steel scope rail made to the exact same dimensions as original scopes found at Bapty, plastic “T-track” strips along the barrel, magazine cylinders, and a Hengstler counter box adhered to one side.

You can currently purchase the blaster for $46,429, and of course, the blaster shows signs of production use and age. It has minor corrosion, paint wear, and marks that are most noticeable on the grip, as Movieweb notes. Don’t let these small flaws fool you though – due to quite a number of props from A New Hope being destroyed, this E-11 blaster is very valuable.

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