BMW E-Scooter Concept Electric Scooter Bike

BMW e-scooter concept bike

Is BWM going to make an electric bike? We certainly hope so. BMW has created an E-scooter concept bike. The concept bike has built in battery that plugs into a normal wall outlet and will fully charge in less than three hours. One charge will get you over 62 miles and the bike is capable of freeway speeds.

The pictures of the concept bike show a very strange swirl design, don’t worry this is just the standard camouflage used on concepts to conceal the final body shape.

There are other electric rides out there that can match the BMW concept car but they do not carry the luxury brand name that BMW does. And considering it is still a concept, BMW might step up their game and change a few elements, maybe higher top speed or longer battery life to really set this scooter apart from the competition.

The scooter’s battery is cooled by air while the motor uses liquid. BMW also used regenerative breaking, a system that is designed to reduce battery drain while breaking. This system could potential result in a 10%-20% extended range.

“We are aiming at the typical commuter,” says a BMW spokesperson in the requisite (but fun) zooming-around-tracks-and-closed-roads video. “People living in or around big cities, going to work every day maybe to the supermarket or the cinema in the evening and back home again.”

I would not mind getting my hands on one of these. Since I work at home I rarely drive. In fact, my 2008 car only has 28,000 miles on it, well below the average. Most of my trips are usually short trips to one of the nearby grocery stores about 2 miles away. One of these would be idea for saving money on gas and saving my car the mileage. Chances are the e-scooter won’t be around the states anytime soon. It is still a concept and is more likely to hit the streets of Europe before the U.S.

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