WiTricity iPhone 5

Witricity iPhone
Imagine an iPhone that was alway being powered through wireless electricity. Hopefully the rumors are true and we'll see a WiTricity powered iPhone.

I love my iPhone more than I love just about anything else.   My son, my iPhone, and my iPad represent the trinity of my affection.   And everyday they each get a little smarter.   Every year my good friend Steve Jobs releases an update for my iPhone, and in exchange I give him enough cash to buy a used Oldsmobile Achieva.   And if this rumor is true, I’m more excited than ever to hand over the cash.   I’m talking about a WiTricity powered iPhone 5, or is it iPhone 6?

For those who don’t know, WiTricity stunned audiences at a TED talk in 2009, demoing a television being powered completely wirelessly.   To clarify, the thing didn’t plug into a wall.   It just stood there and lit up.   No batteries, no hamster wheels, nothing but air.

Well that air contained some sort of electric charge that gets decoded, or something like that, on the receiving end.   I don’t understand the process, and frankly it freaks me out a bit.   But the end results is that we are on our way of getting rid of electric plugs in our devices.

Now there is a rumor, and I hope it’s true, that Apple will be leveraging this technology for their iPhones and iPads.   From what is being said, the power will emit from an iMac, and the devices will pick up when it’s within a meter.   Pretty darn cool.

I can’t help but think that Apple will not miss the boat in other peripherals, and we’ll see wireless charing units for cars, and other areas.   So imagine if you’re phone powered up by just being in your car, or at your desk, sitting in a restaurant, getting a massage, watching a cock fight, or even doing something weird like sitting at Starbucks.

The idea from WiTricity is that someday all your devices will run of this, from your refrigerator to your DVR and electric car.   Of course people will bring up the cancer issue.   Personally I’m waiting to see who is going to be the first person to hop in a bathtub with one of these things running.

But the idea is pure magic, and I really hope we see it come to fruition.

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