Alfred Moniz is the soccer coach from Hell

Alfred Moniz, a 46-year-old New Bedford, Massachusetts resident was arrested for allegedly touching at least six boys inappropriately. The victims, aged 14 and 15, informed police of the indecent contact, saying that Moniz often rubbed them on their legs while they were riding in his car. Moniz also offered them alcohol on different occasions and offered as much as $40 to the boys to watch them masturbate in front of him.

Moniz, who has volunteered as a boys’ soccer coach and referee for about a decade, has been charged with child molestation before, with numerous counts as far back as 2004. Moniz was repeatedly acquitted to the charges, which included indecent assault and battery, for evidentiary reasons. Moniz was posted on a $3,000 bail once, but this time, after the judge found out that the alleged crimes stemmed from the same investigation, he ordered that Moniz simply surrender his passport and be outfitted with a GPS device to monitor his whereabouts. The judge’s decision has angered police detectives in the juvenile and sexual assault division at the Rockdale Avenue headquarters, leading them to close their files and leave early when they received the news that Moniz was not being sent back to jail. Moniz is to report to his next court hearing on January 12.

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