Aaron Jay Lemon being charged with raping small children

The parents in St. Paul, Minnesota had their eyes opened a bit recently to just how cruel the world really can be. The eye opening experience was courtesy of Aaron Jay Lemon, a 23 year old man that quite a few parents were relying on for day care.

The FBI found that while Aaron Jay Lemon was watching children, he was also engaging in sex acts with them. Not only was he engaging in sex acts with a small child, he was videoing these sex acts and then passed it around to other pedophiles. The FBI was not actually investigating Mr. Lemon but in the process of investigating another suspect they stumbled upon Mr. Lemon.

When the FBI found Mr. Lemon they confiscated his laptop and digital camera. When they looked into the laptop they found that there were more than one hundred photos of children ranging from six months to five years old, all of which were abused in the same manner. Obviously, he was arrested and he will be lucky if he ever sees the free world again. Chances are good that he will be treated to his own fair share of abuse behind prison walls.

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