Who is Boxxy and where did she come from?

I got my first dose of BoxxyBabee on YouTube today and I was troubled. Who is this girl and why is she so popular all of a sudden? She is downright ridiculous but has skyrocketed to YouTube fame in a matter of just a week or so. I’ve seen well over 4 dozen forum posts about her and she has multiple fan pages on facebook. So who is this? And where did she come from?

I searched and scoured the internet looking for answers. Is she a former lifecaster like iJustine? Or maybe a transgender like Chris Crocker? Nope, nothing like that she is just a girl, a really hyper girl that made a few YouTube videos and plays Gaia online. Apparently someone found her videos on YouTube and posted them on 4chan.com, a popular internet message board. It is also probable and likely that she posted them there herself because every post made on 4chan is anonymous, making it incredibly popular among young teens and high-school students. Hopefully the pedophilia’s of the world don’t hear word of this site because there are loads of “mature” photos and such being posted there.

Basically, Boxxy, aka BoxxyBabee and M o l d y Lunchboxx, is the newest internet meme. She is right up there with Magibon, the girl who does nothing but stare at the camera. Nope, scratch that, she just replaced Magibon. You either hate this girl or you love her. Personally, I feel a little bad for her. She made a few harmless YouTube videos and now she is being flamed all over the place. There are loads of Boxxy hate groups out there.

She addresses her haters and her new found internet fame in her latest video. She actually seems to be taking all of the criticism very well.

I could only find her on YouTube, I couldn’t even find her in Gaia which she mentions repeatedly in her videos. This leaves me wandering if she is just another internet actor/hoax like lonelygirl15 or if she is a real girl that really acts like that.


  1. Its 4chan.org.

    And she orginally posted her vids (the first 2) about a year or so ago on IAB. and then recently someguys from 7chan found them and posted them and around this time 4chan was down for something..so all the 4chan'ers found her and then slipt into Boxxy lovers and haters. Boxxy then got spooked and deleted everything(myspace,facebook,etcetc) and then made her most recent vid and then with the other 2 posted them on youtube.

  2. Boxxy is a marketing creation that was set up with contacts in the jew cyber media. The hits to her youtube video were not real. The google and youtube jew media just added tens of thousands of hit to the counter to create hype. We have seen her pathetic avatar on a few pay per click ads here and there, luckily it has not taken off. Her appeal is only to perverts that like to see a young girl of some diminished intellectual capacity that suggests she may be open to molestation and abuse, which is what happened to her parents as they allowed her to participate in such a sinister marketing conspiracy.

  3. I guess we shouldn't expect much intelligence from someone who uses the name Anton LeVey, but seriously, what's up with the 'jew' talk? You don't know how to express yourself without slurs?

    Sadly enough, I agree with part of your comment. She does seem created to play into some sort of fantasy that the guys who get busted on Dateline like to think is out there.

  4. I see no other way to express the jewish control over the media, There, I did it again, a slur. Seems anything said about jews is a slur, one can not mention their name without being politically incorrect.

    It is the jews that are responsible for the war in Israel and Boxxy. She was created to generate marketing revenue to further fund attacks in Gaza, and we all know who owns the big internet sites. One day people will come to see that the whole internet is garbage, the bubble must burst, it already has for google adsense. Boxxy is testament to low levels marketeers will go to, indeed times are tough. Her video's have been adjusted in luminance to give that washed out bleached faced, a set up with the addition of eye liner. Voice pitch has also been adjusted. She knows people want to find her, so it's not going to be easy.

    I have seen her on a few pay per click advertisements, don't know how I got there, somehow from flash game sites.

    More disturbing than boxxy is her stalking admirer GarsinX

    • I love the whole jewish conspiracy thing in the media. I'm the CEO of USWeb. I sell online media, I help control online media. I'm not jewish. I guess the only reason Google is successful is because they are Jewish, not because they created a superior product and executed a brilliant plan? That would explain why Yahoo is bombing. Jerry Yang is not jewish.

      But of course mainstream media is controlled by jews, right? Except, I don't think Rupert Murdoch is jewish. And I don't think Ted Turner is jewish. But I'm sure you have a list of the people who are. Crazy people like lists.

      Every time I hear this argument, it always comes from someone who has no clue about the industry. They just like to sit around a blame conspiracies for their own pathetic lives. I'm sure if the jews weren't around, the world would be a peaceful place, and we would all be prosperous. We have heard that rant before.

  5. I am in the imaging side of the industry, I have heard enough people in the office arrange kosha meals for their flights. With a name like Rupert he certainly is a jew, I don't need a list. I bet if I stole his mail I would discover his middle name is something like Abraham. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I like Seinfeld.

    Boxxy has a video called boxxy sex simulator, really, stuff like that from a so called 16 year old should be illegal, it's borderline, we know what it is implying but there is no nudity so no law has been broken. If she was raped I would feel no pitty for her.

    How I found her I don't know, I don't even have a youtube id.

    Boxxy is an Oxygen and Electron thief. Same goes for GarsinX who has a Boxxy obsession.

    • It will be funny if I ever have any of my youtube videos claimed as part of a conspiracy.
      I mean maybe your right but the internet is very open too users in some places. Why would the Jewish be responsible? Anyone could set up a internet conspiracy these days. Your backyard neighbor even (assuming he has a computer and even then maybe)

      It may be some pron company or youtube their selves. or it may just be a girl who thought (Hey if I make a video like this then it might be a hit on the internet) She could have staged all this stuff and backstory just to gain herself some extra popularity.

      I'm just saying you need to watch where you draw your conclusions. It could be some big secret thing or what you see is what you get..

  6. I get absolutely blown away you schmucks that take what appears to be a very simple video and find some way to turn it into some kind of sick and twisted story about a girl posting videos for some kind of male fantasy!! I mean, come on…give me friggin' break! She's an innocent girl who made some really silly videos! That's all folks! There's nothing more to read into. There may be some sick twisted pedo's out there who might enjoy watching it, but I wouldn't exactly call this girl's video exactly a turn on!! I think for many, it's just a reminder of the innocence that we all too often lose in our hurry to grow up and be molded into what Society deems as "mature" and "responsible". Every once in a while I stumble into Youtube videos like this and quite frankly, it's great! It's a fun way for some to get their creative energy out there and it certainly beats pusing needles in your arm or getting involved in illegal activity. Kudo's to you girl, whoever you really are!

  7. So David, you like looking at young intellectually disabled girls that give the impression of easy access. It is people like you who enjoy watching such idiocy thereby wasting bandwidth. Get a life, move out of your moms basement. As you speak of needles, have you seen boxxy say she does not do drugs while having a needle in her neck ! I think her parents did drugs, more than that, alcohol, heroin, crack, ice and imbreeding. Yep, she needs your support. La Vey should like it that this post gets rid of all the jdate site advertisements, suprised he did not pick that one up.

  8. Fuck! She's just a girl, man. A bored girl that has a camera. Seriously, give her a break. Its great, you have opinions, but really, scare the girl a little more. I think all the people down talking her are dumb. You don't see people freaking on Fred, and he's really fucking dumb. Grow a fucking heart.

  9. Thats it, Anton, the Jews did it. You’re exactly right. Us Jews got bored of controlling how you think and when you pee so we decided to make Boxxy. I can’t believe you figured it out.

  10. Boxxy is 16, I read that somewhere in my research. I have no plan in stalking her, but would like to get to know her better and find out how this all started as it is a huge mystery how she got so popular. she is on gaia online with her "slut avatar" she mentions in one video. she hasn't signed on in a long time though. because she has "moved on to bigger and better things" as she mentions in a video. if anyone has a clue to what that is, i'd love to hear it. because I have no clue. =/


  11. U dumbasses are stupid worship boxxy she probs bored amking videos everyone who mae comments that aren't nice go blow ur self away with a shot gun slowly

  12. Waste of time to read any of this post. No new facts were stated that havent been already said 100s of times. Please do not mention boxxy if you were not initially involved whether you like or dislike her, because the more you talk about her the more you hurt your cause. If you talk about her and hate her your making her more well known and more popular which means youll hear and see her more. If you like her the more you comment about her the more you give her "haters" the opportunity to flame her. All those spectators whole watch t.v. and feel they are INVOLVED in the show are reflecting their conscious disillusionment by feeling they are a part of the boxxy phenomenon just by hearing about it over a year after. Please let boxxy rest in peace and give the girl a rest that she has deserved since the intrusion into her life first took place. -SkuzzleButt

    • what no shes 19 now nearly 20 two year sago when you posted your comment she would have been 17 or at least 16 so your off by 2 years. oh and sorry if i came off as angry on upset i just wanted to correct you dont get all defense on me 🙂

  13. Viral videos get popular for different reasons for different age brackets. She is in one of the largest online age bracket out there. That is one main factor for the explosion after her video was discovered.

  14. You guys (in the comments) have it all wrong. After her videos were on YouTube, they were posted to I-am-bored.com where it became popular, and 4channers saw it and 7channers got it, and then 4chan had a civil war between boxxy lovers and boxxy haters. Her account was erased by Lia Dawson, who claims that Boxxy was a copyright and her account was copyright infringement, but Lia Dawson was making a scam and was soon to take the account for her own gain. The account was restored with all comments and videos back up, and open to public, until another copyright law came upon boxxy that had involved some stuff that I forgot. Then after her account was completely restored again, the CBCR, a group that was doing this to protect boxxy, hacked her Internet accounts. They got information they needed but what they did not get was her home address, phone number, full name, etcetera. The accounts were restored but boxxy has not been on YouTube for over a year now, and she also left Gaia on Jan 9 or 10, Which was mentioned in her latest video addressed to everyone. She has not died like the rumors say, and she is fine living her personal life away from the Internet. She still has those billions of Internets for being the best meme, but she’s all good :3 source: encyclopedia dramatica

  15. i still don’t get WHO she is like does she have a wiki? I want to know about her … the power of viral videos can make u so popular in such a short time…

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