Aftermarket Carplay

Aftermarket Carplay
Will there be an aftermarket Carplay system from Apple?

With the announcement, or confirmation of Apple’s Carplay for new cars for every maker from BMW to Volvo, one is left wondering about the possibility of an aftermarket Carplay system.

While Pioneer has arguably lead the aftermarket charge into iOS integration with their AppRadio (currently AppRadio 3), no one else has really entered the market. The fact that Pioneer has confirmed there will not be an AppRadio 4, is a possible good sign that maybe Pioneer is working on a solution.

There is little argument that if Apple released an aftermarket Carplay system, bringing true iOS integration to older vehicles, it would quickly be the best selling product in a multi-billion dollar business. And when trying to determine if Apple will do something, one needs only ask one question; will it sell more iPhones?.

Apple is in a war with Google, and to a small extent Microsoft, since Microsoft powered Sync for Ford. It makes sense that Apple will want to expand their line of Carplay products to aftermarket, but I’m guessing it will not be until after the new Carplay equipped vehicles hit the road. It would make more sense to allow the car manufactures a year head start before near equal technology was brought to the unwashed masses of used car owners.

In the meantime, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a Kickstarted pop up to fill the gap. Either way, it looks like the technology bane of car makers crappy built systems is coming to an end. We can all be grateful for that.

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