Naperville Escorts

Naperville Escort
Natasha D. Accomando, 20, of Lombard, charged with prostitution.

Anyone that’s been to the nice suburbs of Naperville know that it’s the epitome of picket fence America. With it’s lovely big houses, scenic park, hipster friendly “Downtown”, and a Starbucks on every corner, it’s a modern yuppie paradise.

But I was curious what these Land’s End wearing, Volvo driving elite do while their kids are busy being educated in their top schools. Is there such a thing as Naperville escorts? Well, here’s what I found out.

It wasn’t long ago the Naperville Police Department’s Special Operations Group (I’m sure they’re just like the guys from The Wire), had a major sting operation that lead to arrests of 7 prostitutes.

Gauging from the looks of these women, they were not exactly the high-priced Naperville Escorts we would think of for the town. These are more or less your average hookers or call girls. So I guess that leaves me to wonder if there is a Naperville escort scene? I’m guessing the discreet ones don’t get caught, and that’s why it’s unlikely we would hear about it.


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