164 Foot Ice Adventure Yacht Debut

nemo 50 luxury yacht

French shipyard Ocea has announced their partnership with Aldo Manna, head of their Mediterranean office in Italy, as well as designer  Fulvio de Simoni on a new yacht project. Manna explains that the Nemo Ice idea sprouted “when a French owner visited the shipyard last year and saw the construction underway of a 70-meter Offshore Patrol Vessel, which got him thinking about how similar construction could be used in a pleasure craft”.

The project is also developing around the concept of “boundary-pushing” destinations; and be built with “ice-class” rules. The Nemo 50 Ice is expected to weigh about 499 gross tons. The yacht’s tenders will have rigid-hulled inflatable boats or landing craft that can be launched and recovered. There will be integrated shafts with dedicated structural skegs to protect them; along with the propellers and rudders which will ensure no damage to parts in case of run-ins with icebergs or other partially submerged objects in the ocean. These carefully crafted designs ensure that the Nemo Ice 50 will travel everywhere with little to no limitations.

The interior of the extravagant yacht will be comfortably designed to accommodate long-duration cruising. The owner’s apartment has a full-width design which covers the fore portion of the main deck area. It also has a private lounge for personal use and/or relaxation purposes. The owner’s apartment also comes with a bathroom and option to include a sauna, per desire. There are also other living areas and an “open-space main deck” for guests aboard the yacht.

The yacht comes fully equipped with a 65-square-foot control room. Remote-control systems are included to make for technological smooth sailing. The room will be located near the crew accommodations to not impede upon guest comfortability and privacy.

Nemo Ice’s owner plans to aquatic masterpiece on a world cruise which will begin in the Antarctic region.

Ocea has several other yachts and water vessels which can be viewed on their website. They also have many things under way like the creation of several military ships. More info about the Nemo 50 Ice can be viewed on their main website or on http://www.oceanemo.com/.

“Ocea yachts, a true way of living the sea” -Ocea.

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