Idris Elba To Star as the Villain in The New Fast and Furious Spinoff

idris elba fast and the furious villain

Idris Elba has had a busy year in the film world. He starred in the 2017 released film, ‘The Mountain Between Us’, as well as his role as Heimdall in ‘Thor’. Now, negotiations are in the works for the renowned actor to play the villain in the new ‘Fast and Furious’ spinoff titled, ‘Hobbs and Shaw’.

This new film will centralize Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s character, Luke Hobbs, as well as criminal Deckard Shaw; reprised by Jason Statham. The ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise typically had the two characters as opposing forces. However, in this sequel they will be joining forces against the currently unnamed character, played by Elba. Thankfully, Idris is familiar with bad-guy roles; which makes this even more exciting. He played the villain in ‘Star Trek Beyond’, as well as voicing Shere Khan in ‘The Jungle Book’. So given that, we can expect his usual amazing performance in the new sequel, and then some!

It’s no doubt that fans have been crazy about Dwayne and his roll ever since he joined the franchise during the fifth movie, ‘Fast Five’. Jason Statham didn’t join the franchise until its seventh film, ‘Furious Seven’; but their chemistry opened an almost heavenly gate of opportunity between the two actors. Given Hobb’s undeniable popularity, Universal has always wanted to create a spinoff with his involvement. Thankfully, fans are getting just that.

The movie is set to be directed by David Leitch, who has directed films including 2018’s ‘Deadpool 2’, and 2014’s ‘John Wick’. Chris Morgan, ‘Fast and Furious’ alumni, is going to be ‘Hobbs and Shaw’s writer. Morgan has been with the Furious franchise since its third movie, ‘Tokyo Drift’. With such a talented writer and director, what Furious superfan wouldn’t be jumping for joy?

Neal H. Moritz is on the films production crew, along with other producing talent including: Dany Garcia and Hiram Garcia, Statham, and Chris Morgan. On the executive producer side we have: Kelly McCormick, Steve Chasman, Amanda Lewis, Ainsley Davies, and Ethan Smith. Executive VP of production, Mark Sourian, and VP of Production, Jay Polidoro, will being overseeing the project over at Universal.

The film is slated to hit theatres July 26, 2019. Which of course, is not soon enough. With over a year away, it’s safe to say that we will be hopelessly waiting around for trailers and teasers. Until then, buckle up, and hold on to your car seats ‘Fast and Furious’ fans! Johnson, Elba, and Statham will be here with ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ before you know it!

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