Bourdain: The Oral Biography to Be Published in Fall of 2019

anthony bourdain oral biography

The adventures of Americas world famous Chef, Author and Traveler Anthony Bourdain have inspired millions of people to break free and try something new. Anthony Bourdain had the gift of forming a deeper understanding of the people he would meet around the world. Bourdain loved to exchange stories, learn and connect with many different people from all walks of life.

Anthony was born in New York City and raised in Brooklyn. Bourdain worked in restaurants as a dish washer. He then worked as a line cook until he finally became a chef. He was made famous in 1999 for his tongue-in-cheek article, Don’t Eat Before Reading This,describing the truths about the restaurant industry. Anthony’s story got more interesting when the article he wrote and shared with the New Yorker, surprisingly, was selected to be published. Only two days after the article publication he was offered hisfirst book publishing, “Kitchen Confidential”, now over a million copies have been sold. Anthony Bourdain went on to write and co-write nearly two dozen books, starred in filmed documentaries and even popular TV series including “Parts Unknown” and “No Reservations”.

Anthony was offered the job of his lifetime, traveling to different lands meeting people, cultures and trying local foods. He was a talented storyteller and a curious explorer. Anthony bravely traveled to all corners of the world honoring the people by eating the foods of local cultures.He expressed his favorite continent to be Asia for many reasons including the delicious and unique foods. He loved many things of this world including the people.

His enormous influence left tragically on June 8th, 2018, when Anthony decided to take his own life at age 61. It has been with a heavy heart the world mourns Anthony Bourdain. Many who have spent time with Anthony personally knew him as a man with a wonderful attitude towards life. Anthony undeniably brought something particularly special to the world. His impression for understanding the human condition will never be forgotten. Anthony lived humbly to understand the perspectives of people around the world.

The Official Biography of Anthony Bourdain: The Oral Biography, will be published in the fall of 2019 by Ecco books. Written by Paula Forbes & Edited by Laurie Woolever, Anthony’s longtime assistant. When it is published we will explore more on the life of Anthony Bourdain and interesting stories from the people he shared his life with. Stories from behind the scenes exploring the world, drinking, writing and dining. Words and stories will be revealed about the great storyteller and friend.Bourdain left far too early in life, he had many more stories left to share. His life explorations will continue to be enjoyed while millions more are inspired by the life he ended too soon.

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