10 Guilty Pleasures it is Okay to Indulge In

Guilty pleasures, we all have them so why are we still feeling guilty? Guilty pleasures are like the crayons to the coloring book of life, we need them. So I say it is about time we stop feeling guilty for them and start to indulge a little more, who is with me?

  1. Having a date alone. Sometimes schedules clash and plans get canceled and you may find yourself with a dinner reservation and a movie ticket and no one to go with. There is no harm in having a date alone. This is a liberating experience and who knows, you might actually meet new friends to replace the flaky ones you had before who canceled on you.
  2. Christmas in July. It is true that Christmas only comes once per year but why should that be the only day we treat like Christmas? Let’s celebrate all the gift-giving (and receiving), holiday cheer year round.
  3. Pop music, boy bands and Hannah Montana. My iTunes contains an eclectic mix of soul, rock and acoustic jams. But hidden deep in the iTunes music folder, you will occasionally come across a boy band or teen pop queen. If you look hard enough you will even find the soundtrack to Grease.
  4. Cheesy sitcoms, reality TV series and movies. Am I the only one who still watches Saved by the Bell and Even Stevens? Probably not. So why do I still feel guilty for owning every season on DVD, not just DVD but limited edition, still packaged, mint condition DVD. That may be going a bit overboard but that is nothing compared to the average middle-aged person that spends every Monday evening secretly watch My Super Sweet Sixteen in the bathroom with a bag of Cheetos. Just imagine how embarrassing it would be if anyone ever caught you there.
  5. Belting it out in the car. Has anyone else ever seen the Motormouth hidden camera show on VH1? Motormouth was around a couple of years ago where innocent and unsuspecting drivers were being set up by their friends on hidden camera in the car. *gasp* Can you imagine your own friend setting you up on national TV to catch you singing in the car?
  6. Take a ditch day. What’s that? You’ve never ditched school before? What kind of straight-laced, politically correct, goody-two-shoes are you? We all get tired of work, school and the everyday hustle so why not take a day off? The occasional ditch day isn’t going to kill you so call your boss and tell them you are going to take a day off then spend it doing the rest of the items on this list.
  7. Sweat pants, t-shirts and ponytails. I give dress down day two very enthusiastic thumbs up. On those days when I just feel like lounging I dress down, way down. There is nothing like a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt with sneakers that says, ‘I care about how I look but today I just want to be comfortable.’
  8. Video Games. It doesn’t matter if you play them with kids, family, friends or just by yourself for pleasure. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a mind-boggling, action-packed video game every now and again. Say yes to Dungeons and Dragons but no to online casinos.
  9. Sweet, delectable goodness also known as chocolate. Chocolate actually has plenty of benefits and besides the calorie count can be quite a pleasurable indulgence. If chocolate isn’t your thing, eat whatever food makes your mouth water.
  10. Disney, Disney, Disney. You have got to give it up to Disney; they really know how to make an adult feel young at heart. From Disney movies and television to Disney theme parks and everything in between, it is okay to be a fan. I once knew a couple who made the long trek to Disneyland every other month. When I asked them about it they said it truly was the happiest place on Earth for them, they had been engaged there and married in the theme park. It is okay to treat oneself with anything Disney and feel like a kid again.

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” – Abraham Lincoln

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