Ulysse-Nardin Genghis Khan


Sometimes high-end watches really reflect a watch being art.   The Genghis Khan Complications watch from Ulysse-Nardin is one of those watches.

The hand carved figures on the black onyx dial are 18 ct. gold.   The Tourbillon is visible and integrated into the watch face in a way that lends greatly to a piece that is already a work of art.

The Genghis Kahn sounds as good as it looks.   The Westminster rings out with four different gongs, each with it’s own tone.   Mi-Do-Re-Sol, varied up when the repeater is activated.  

Of course you also get the build quality that Ulysse-Nardin is known for.   The Genghis Khan features a black onyx dial with Jaquemarts Movement UN-78 Power Reserve, and manual winding that lasts for 80 hours.   It’s water resistant up to 30 meters.

There are only 30 of these pieces available, and will only be produced over the next 7 – 8 years.   This is one of those rare, beautiful collector timepieces that only serious watch enthusiast knows about.  

Also, check out a lower priced watch my cousin found.  He bought this Javelle Tourbillon watch in Hong Kong.

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