Zander Futernick Revolutionizes Private Air Travel

Aura Private Jet Interior

As Zander Futernick has proven, age is not a limiting factor. Though only 21, this entrepreneur has fused luxury with affordability to create AURA travel, a technologically innovative experience with a minimal cost, making him a pioneer in the travel industry.

Futernick is both founder and CEO of ZED Aerospace, the company behind AURA. Its focus is in using new and exciting technology to make the in-flight experience both deluxe and one-of-a-kind. As a result of its efforts, customers who travel with AURA are flying on one of at least four Bombardier jets fitted with customized comfort and enjoyment at every turn.

Each jet has fewer seats than standard models to ensure optimal space. The two classes of seating, FIRST and WAVE, both exceed anything else commercially available. FIRST holds 21 passengers and provides extensive leg room and extra-wideseats. The other class, WAVE, accommodates only eight who can recline in cutting-edgezero-gravity seating.

Passengers get iPad Pros as well as top-of-the-line noise-canceling headphones during flight. Wifi and specialized headsets meant to imitate the full HD experience will also be provided. There will be many different types of movies for the viewing pleasure of all.

The standard of food enjoyed on board is also high; everyone may sample freshly prepared sushi and sashimi. FIRST passengers can also select from Spanish, Chinese and Mediterranean dishes while those in WAVE can pick a sous-vide prepared grass-fed meat or fish. As far as beverages, there will be a full bar with wines, spirits, andother alcoholic drinksas well as coffee, tea, soda, and juice. And, after visiting a lavatory, it will clean itself within a 20-second window, deploying germ-killing ultraviolet light.

Unfortunately, flight availability will be limitedat first. The AURA flight service will operate solely to and from private destinations in select major cities such as Miami, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Denver. Additional locations will become availablein the year following its initial 2019 launch. Schedules will release every 90 days that include destinations to popular attractions as well.

Because the terminals used are privately owned, AURA passengers can avoid the long security lines of commercial airports. Also, customers can show up as late as 20 minutes before a departure. For frequent travelers, these time savings add up. Furthermore, this bonus comes withno loss of safety; security measures exceed those of the TSA and luggage is scanned and processed with care.

What sets AURA apart is that individuals can enjoy all of these perks for as little as $280 a seat. There is a one-time joining fee of $700, but when compared to other companies that charge several thousands of dollars for membership on top of several thousands more for a seat, this is extremely reasonable. Futernick has done the unthinkable, not only by fitting his jets with every luxury imaginable but by charging much less than would be expected. Now, people can experience true comfort who would not be able to afford it otherwise.

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