Alan Blue: A New High-End Health Insurance Plan


Alan” is a French startup company that has mainly been focused on their main health insurance product. This project is a standard package for all varying companies. Alan is now launching a second offering with new product, Alan Blue.

Now the companies can choose between two levels of Alan insurance – Alan Green and Alan Blue. Alan Green is the currently existing health insurance product by Alan. However, they just added the word “Green” to the name. It is still the same product with the same offers and coverage levels. Alan Blue is a new higher-end product that has better coverage for companies that wish to “retain talent” using now-offered better benefits.

French employees get basic coverage from the national healthcare system automatically. But, companies are also required to provide health insurance from a private company in order to pay for part of possible health expenses. In essence, the system is “hybrid”.

Alan takes purpose as your employing, signing a deal with an insurance company in order to cover all their employees expenses. Typically, insurance companies provide several different offerings; but Alan has been focused on one single plan. Up until now, of course.

With the Alan Green plan, you get coverage starting at €50 ($59) a month per employee; if under 36 years of age. Prices go up if you are over 36 years old, and continue to go up if you are over 45, and then over 56. Insurance plans for employees over 56 years old cost €85 ($100) a month.

Companies are required to pay at least 50% of either of the two plans. The rest of the money is taken out from the workers pay. Certain companies may choose to pay 100% of all their workers health insurance, but it is not required.

Employees may also cover their children and or spouse under Alan’s plans. A plan for a second adult costs the same as the plan that the employee holds. All children in a family may be covered with you for €40 ($47) monthly.

With Alan Green, you won’t pay anything to see a normal practitioner. However, the Green plan does not necessarily cover expenses like glasses and contacts, or some forms of dental work.

On the other hand, is Alan Blue. This is the option for companies that are looking for a “premium” health insurance base. Alan Blue may fit some employees needs, whereas Green could perfectly fit others. Right now, a company has to choose one plan for all employees; they are not allowed to individually pick which one they want.

Alan Blue’s payments start at €70 ($82) a month for young employees, also getting more expensive depending on the employees age. There is only a €20 difference between the two plans for under 36 employees. But, the prince difference is greater the older the employee gets. You can also cover all children on the Alan Blue plan for €55 ($64) a month.

Companies can also choose to fully cover their employees health insurance, but it is of course higher than the Alan Green plan. There is still the option of only covering a certain amount ot it. Companies that are growing fast, or want something high end usually choose Alan Blue.

In addition to larger companies like the ones they tend to now, they are still looking to target smaller companies. They think that big insurance companies tend to make small companies pay more, which is unfair.

Alan Green can also be combined with Alan Map to possibly find a doctor near you and get fully reimbursed. Alan Blue is currently available just to select customers and all companies will be able to sign up for it in september. The Alan website can be visited for more details.

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